The City of Jersey City declared 2018 its Year of Energy, a city-wide, cross-sector and cross-departmental effort managed by the Office of Sustainability. Over the course of the year there were a number of different initiatives at both the municipal and community level, including:

  • Establishing a baseline understanding of municipal and city-wide energy usage. Read the City’s first-ever greenhouse gas inventory here.
  • Beginning the ESIP process to conduct energy efficiency upgrades to municipal buildings
  • Creating and distributing materials to the community about energy issues and existing energy efficiency programs and opportunities. Check out our new education pages below!
  • Distributing energy efficient LED bulbs to residents (these bulbs were generously donated by Philips Lighting).
  • Working to make the municipal fleet more energy efficient through the incorporation of electric vehicles, fleet management software, and car-sharing technologies.
  • Increasing the use of renewable energy for municipal buildings through the installation of solar panels and renewable energy procurement.

Throughout the Year of Energy the Office of Sustainability worked with other City departments and community groups to identify opportunities for future community-level energy initiatives. This work will continue in 2019 and beyond.