Climate Action Steering Committee and Working Groups

In order to support the development of the Climate Action Plan, a Climate Action Steering Committee and four Working Groups were formed. Over 80 people are participating in the Climate Action planning process through one of these groups.


Climate Action Steering Committee

The Climate Action Steering Committee (CASC) is made up of representatives from local, regional, and state agencies. The role of the CASC is to provide input and guidance on the planning process and finished documents for the Climate Action Plan. The following people are members of the CASC.

  • Florence Baron – Jersey City Economic Development Corporation
  • Althea Bernheim – Office of the Construction Code Official
  • Alison Cucco – Jersey City Environmental Commission
  • Joe Cunha – Municipal Utilities Authority
  • Sonia Dublin – Department of Public Works
  • Stacey Flanagan – Department of Health and Human Services
  • Jennifer Fogliano – North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
  • Carmen Gandulla – Division of Community Development
  • Mo Kinberg – New Jersey Future
  • Kate Lawrence – Office of Sustainability
  • Lindsey Sigmund – Division of Planning
  • Alan Miller – Department of Environmental Protection
  • Albert Padilla – Jersey City Public Schools
  • Barkha Patel – Division of Engineering
  • Mira Prinz-Arey – Jersey City Municipal Council
  • Sandy Santos-Garcia – Jersey City Housing Authority
  • Jeffrey Trzeciak – Jersey City Public Libraries

Click here for more information on the CASC members.


Working Groups

The four Working Groups are: Energy, Transportation & Land Use, Waste, and Equity & Outreach. Each working group is made up of about 15 stakeholders relevant to the particular sectors, including subject matter experts, and interested members of the public. Priority actions identified by the Working Groups will be presented to the public for input in February.

Follow the link for a list of the Working Group members: Climate Action Working Groups Roster.

CAP Steering Committee & Working Groups Meetings

Below are the dates of meetings of the CAP Steering Committee and Working Groups, along with agendas and meeting notes.

DateTimeMeeting AgendaMeeting Documents
2/13/20203:00 - 4:00 PMCASC Meeting #3Agenda  →Meeting Notes →

1/29/20206:00 - 8:00 PMWorking Groups Meeting #3: Energy, Transportation & Land Use, Waste Agenda →
Energy →
Transportation & Land Use →
Waste →

Group Activity - Implementation Tables
Energy →
Transportation & Land Use  →
Waste →
1/8/20206:00 - 8:00 PMWorking Group Meeting #3: Equity & Outreach Agenda →
Equity & Outreach Notes →
12/11/20196:00 - 8:00 PMWorking Groups Meeting #2Agenda →
Equity Agenda →
Energy Notes →
Equity & Outreach Notes →
Transportation & Land Use Notes →
Waste Notes →
11/26/20193:00 - 4:30 PMCASC Meeting #2Agenda →
Meeting Notes →
11/19/20196:00 - 8:00 PMWorking Groups Meeting #1Agenda →
Energy Notes→ 
Equity & Outreach Notes →
Transportation & Land Use Notes →
Waste Notes →
10/21/20191:00 - 2:30 PMCASC Meeting #1Agenda →
Meeting Notes →