<h1>JC START</h1>


JC START (Jersey City Stormwater Treatment and Resiliency Team) is a collaboration of community members, city government, local and regional nonprofit organizations, and universities to make Jersey City a sustainable community that prioritizes best stormwater management practices such as green infrastructure. Green Infrastructure practices capture, filter, absorb and reuse stormwater to maintain or mimic natural systems and treat runoff as a resource through projects that involve plants, soil, trees, and engineered landscapes.
Jersey City START partners will work together to:

    • Advocate for green infrastructure and sustainable practices that improve water resources
    • Engage the community to increase the awareness of the issues and solutions around water resources to improve the quality of life
    • Assist City government in maximizing green infrastructure use on private and public land to increase green and open spaces
    • Develop and implement demonstration projects that promote resiliency to flooding

Jersey City’s Long Term Control Plan
For 2020, START is continuing to focus on engaging the public on Jersey City’s combined sewer system and our Long Term Control Plan (LTCP). Jersey City’s LTCP aims to evaluate our sewer infrastructure and develop long-term strategies to reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and improve the quality of the City’s waterways. By October 1st 2020, the Jersey City Municipal Utility Authority (JCMUA), the City’s CSO permittee, will submit a final LTCP to the NJDEP that lays out the City’s plan. The JCMUA hosted a series of public meetings in March 2019 to discuss the proposed alternatives. Find out more at https://www.njcleanwaterways.com/ or https://www.jcmua.com/ltcp.

JC START is open to the public and meets monthly. If you are interested in attending a START meeting please email lsigmund@jcnj.org. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, meetings will be held remotely until further notice.

Members of START include: